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Máximo de 3 participantes 

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 Pinte um Azulejo! | Paint a Tile!


- brief history of the Tile in Portugal

- tile techniques

- paint a tile

Price: 25€ (VAT)

Includes: 2 tiles + materials + fired 

Extra tile: 10€ (VAT)

Can pick the tiles in the Studio after 3  to 5 days

We can ship it to a destination, charging adicional price for the delivery depending on the weigth and destination.. Please contact us for prices.

We accept cards payments on the Studio.


- História da Azulejaria em Portugal

- Técnicas de Azulejaria / Importância da Majólica

- Pintura de azulejo a seu gosto ou com desenho Arti

Preço: 25€ (inclui IVA)

Inclui: 2 azulejos + material de pintura + cozedura

Azulejo extra: 10€ (Iva incluído)

Pode levantar os Azulejos no atelier após 3 a 5 dias.

O envio para destino indicado tem custo adicional mediante o peso e o destino. Consulte-nos para preços.

Aceitamos pagamentos com cartão no Atelier.


Airbnb Experiências I Airbnb Experiences

Estamos no Airbnb Experiências | We are on Airbnb Experiences

Aceitam-se pagamentos em cartão no Atelier 

Card payments are accept on the Studio

Comentários | Reviews

``Carla was wonderful! Learning the history of the tiles really added to the whole experience. She was incredibly patient and helpful with my tricky tile idea ;)``

Jessica on Airbnb Experiences october 2019 

``L'accueil de Carla a été parfait. Nous etions un groupe de 6 déjà constitué de chacun déntre nous. Elle maitrise parfaitement le aspect technique et le áspect artistique de son art et elle a su nous le faire partager. Nous avons tous été très heureux (et très fiers) de cette expérience.``

Brigitte on Airbnb Experiences october 2019

``A great day to spend half a day. Painting a tile in the tradicional way was a fun experience & a unique souvenir. Carla was super knowledgeable & helpful making our experience extra special. (...) I would highly recommend this experience to both artsy people and non artists as Carla made this a lovely event for all of us.``

Mel on Airbnb Experiences september 2019

``Great instructor, very personable, at the highest level of knowledge in the painting industry. As a novice, I appreciated Carla´s dedicated individualized instruction and encouragement! the time flew by and I would have been happy to stay longer.``

John on Airbnb Experiences september 2019

``Carla is amazing! She is super friendly and very sharing, the classe we booked with her was exactly what I expected. She also gave us a introduction and a history background of the actual art itself. I felt like i was discovering Portugal culture in a deeper way, emerging into the parts of the history that we witnessed every day walked in the streets of Portugal.**

Mihai on Airbnb Experiences september 2019

``This was an amazing experience! I cant think of a better way to bring a little piece of Portugal home :) I spent about 3.5H in Carla´s beatiful studio learning about the history os Azulejos and then painting our own tiles. I would say the lenght of time also depend on how complicated the project you pick will be. Carla spends a lot of time helping you and making sure you are happy with your finished project! Thank you for this wonderful experience!``

Victoria on Airbnb EXperiences semptember 2019