Azulejo | Team Building

Create together a Portuguese Tile Mural!

Please contact us for date and time availability

Private Groups

Min. 4 persons


- Portuguese tiles mural created by the group (can be a Logo)

How Long: max. 5h

Price: 45€ per person (VAT)

Includes: tiles + materials + fired + water

Tiles: máx. 2 tiles per person

Extra tile: 15€ (VAT)

If the team building its out of the studio we charge an extra, ask in advance for price

Can pick the tiles in the Studio after 3  to 5 days

We can ship it to a destination, charging adicional price for the delivery depending on the weigth and destination. Please contact us for prices.

We accept card payments on the Studio.

A fun and unique team building experience, book now!