Azulejo | Tiles Workshops

Pinte um Azulejo! | Paint a Portuguese Tile!

Para saber disponibilidade de data e hora pf contacte-nos | Please contact us for date and time availability

Para grupos privados até 25 participantes pf contacte-nos | For private groups of up to 25 participants please contact us

Falado em inglês | English spoken


- História da Azulejaria em Portugal

- Técnicas de Azulejaria / Importância da Majólica

- Pintura de azulejo a seu gosto ou com desenho Arti

Duração: 2h30 

Preço: 35€ (inclui IVA)

Inclui: 2 azulejos + material de pintura + cozedura + água

Azulejo extra: 15€ (Iva incluído)

Os Azulejos são cozidos em forno de alta temperatura e podem ser levantados no atelier após 3 a 5 dias.

O envio para destino indicado tem custo adicional mediante o peso e o destino. Consulte-nos para preços.


- brief Tile history in Portugal

- Tile techniques

- Paint a tile

How Long: 2h30

Price: 35€ (VAT)

Includes: 2 tiles + materials + fired + water

Extra tile: 15€ (VAT)

Tiles are fired  at hight fire temperature and you can pick them up in the Studio after 3  to 5 days

We can ship it to a destination, charging adicional price for the delivery depending on the weigth and destination. Please contact us for prices.

Idade superior a 12 anos. Se menor deve ser acompanhado por um participante adulto| Age over 12 years old. If under must be accompanied by an adult participant

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Testemunhos | Reviews

Carla's class was really amazing! She is a very patient person and super talented, We had many choices from which to paint our tiles. Carla explained every step and guided us throughtout the experience. I would highly recommend this class! You won't regret it for a minute!

Steve & Vonelle

US, on Airbnb Experiences fev2023

Superbe expérience. Carla est passionnée, très pédagogue et d'excellent conseil. La partie historique au début de la séance nous plonge dans la culture portugaise


France, on Airbnb Experiences fev2023

Carla hat ein fundiertes Wissen und beherrscht ihr Hanwerk. Sie war sehr kompetent und hat hervorragend angeleitet. Wir freuen uns sehr, bald unsere "Kunstwerke"bei ihr abzuholen. Es was eine schöne Erfahrung.Herzlichen Dank:-)


Switzerland, on Airbnb Experiences fev2023

This tile painting experience was absolutely incredible and I would recommend it to anyone! Carla was lovely and so warm to be around. She told us all about her background and the history of tiles in Portugal. She helped us create two beautiful tiles in a serene and inspiring enviroment. I would do this again in a heartbeat!


Canada, on Airbnb Experiences jan2023

Amazing experience with Carla and the tiles, I learned a lot about the history and the different techniques of tiles and we came back with our little souvenir very proud of ourselves! Carla helped us a lot to realise these wonderful tiles, with kindness and perspicacity. I learned a lot thank you Carla!


France, on Airbnb Experiences jan2023

Sehr empfehlenswert! Carla ist eine erfahrene und inspirierende Frau. Viele Dank, dass du deine Leidenschaft mit uns teilst!


Switzerland, on Airbnb Experiences jan2023

Carla is a fabulous teacher of traditional Portuguese tile art. She is oth knowledgeable about the history and also a true artist and teacher who can help begginners have a great experience and quality end product. Highly recommended this experience!


US, on Airbnb Experiences jan2023

We had a fantastic workshop with Carla and painted our own tiles in typical Portuguese pattern. Carla is a wonderful host who made us feel welcome from the first second. It was so nice to learn from her about history of tile making and how to make tiles with your own hands. Very relaxing and mindful but also fun experience! 


Netherlands, on Airbnb Experiences set2022

Carla was an amazing host and teacher! The experience was very funny and Carla is very passionate about art. She helped us design great tiles that are a perfect souvenir! 


Italy, on Airbnb Experiences nov2022

I could write a wonderful novel about this workshophere but try to do it in a few words. Carla was a great host, she is a very nice and interesting mind open person. I got more out of the workshop than I thought I would. It was a great experience. I can only recommend it!


on Airbnb Experiences fev2022

This was absolutely amazing experience we had in Algarve! Carla is such a nice person, and the atmosphere in her studio is very sophisticated and full of positive vibes. We loved every single minute of being in the workshop. I love painting, but my husband never had any experience in art, so I was a bit worried that he would be bored. However he liked it as much as I did, so this experience was abosolutely reasonable, interesting and inspiring. We made the tiles at the beginning of our trip as it was recommended in the description, so that we had enought time to pick them up when they were ready after the keel. Now we have unique hand-made souvenirs to take home from Portugal :)


on Airbnb Experiences aug2021

It was an amazing experience. I feel I have a better understanding of Portuguese history and way of life. I strongly recommend this experience.


on Airbnb Experiences aug2021

Carla is pleasure. Incredible experience. Cannot recommend it enought!


on Airbnb Experiences aug2021

This tile making experience with Carla was above and beyond our expectations. We learned about the history of tile making in Portugal and its progression through the different eras, as well as the techniques involved in producing tiles. She is exceptionally talented and helped us create beatiful tiles of our own. Her personal touches and passion for the art really made for us an unforgettable experience ... she's also hilarious!


on Airbnb Experiences aug2021

Thank you Carla for all what you shared and taught to me today. I did have one of my best art class ever.


US, on Airbnb Experiences fev2020

Highly recommended as a true portuguese experience. Tiles are such an integral part of Portugal and Carla an exceptional host. Truly something that should not be overlooked. Its amazing how artistic Carla makes you feel. 5 star for sure.


on Airbnb Experiences fev2020

Carla was wonderful! Learning the history of the tiles really added to the whole experience. She was incredibly patient and helpful with my tricky tile idea ;)


on Airbnb Experiences oct2019

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